My Life Verse

Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

The Great Commission

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today we celebrated Lianka's 3rd birthday. We baked a cake. After lunch we sang, opened a gift and gave the kids some birthday cake.

We had choir in Clarkston tonight. It was our 1st night to divide into 2 different choirs. It is amazing to sit back and listen to kids from all different countries and all different religions singing about Jesus! The older children began memorizing Psalm 1. I stayed for awhile after choir and helped one of the older girls do a report on Rosa Parks. When we left we went by another apartment and took the family some vitamins and a small bag of food - rice, beans, fruit. Mark left and went to Passion Play practice and then Leah, Deborah, and I went and ate dinner at the Blue Ribbon Grill by Northlake Mall.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I ran by Azalea Place in Chamblee this afternoon on my way to church. I had bought some baby bottles and pacifiers for the expected baby, so I wanted to get them to her. I met 2 new ladies from Bangladesh. They found out that I am teaching English to a Bengali Mom and want me to begin teaching them. I told them that I will be by this weekend and visit them and we will set up a time to begin teaching. I also ordered a few simple instruments for the choir in Clarkston today. We went to church tonight. I taught 3rd grade children's choir. The kids are learning a musical called, "Simon Says."

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday, between church and Passion Play practice, I went to check on a expectant Mom in Chamblee. She had a good week. She is getting tired as her due date draws near. I got to talk with her Mom and sister. We talked about the baby items that are still needed. I will try and pick up most of the items this week. Her Mom didn't get to come to the baby shower last week but she expressed her gratefulness and said, "I will never forget what has been done for us."

Tonight, Mark and I went back to Chamblee so I could teach English. I had a wonderful time teaching with the Mom while Mark played basketball outside with the son. We had tea and Pa-esh(a sweet milk and sugar type cold pudding). It was Kuh Balo- very good. At the end we got into a serious discussion. Mom really needs a job. They have many family members here in Atlanta and only her husband and nephew have jobs. It is a very difficult time here for everyone with the economy. Every week I see many refugees and immigrants who desperately need jobs. I wish I had an easy answer for them. There is no food and they are hungry. Many don't run their heat and they are cold. They are away from family and friends and they are lonely.
Tonight she said that she prays to Allah. I told her that I am a Christian and that I pray also. I told her that I would pray for her.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mark and I just returned from meeting with Santi and his family. We had a really nice time of fellowship with them. He is a Bhutanese Pastor. They live in Clarkston with their 3 children and his parent's. Their Bhutanese/Nepalese Church is growing. Just last week they baptized 24 new believer's in Jesus. They have a new baby girl. She is growing and doing well. I plan on bringing some vitamins for Mom and the children when I am back in Clarkston on Thursday. Santi is going to get me a list of all the new or expectant Bhutanese Mom's so I can check on them.

Mark, Leah, Deborah, and I just got back from climbing Stone Mountain. It was a really clear day and the view was great from the top. We ran into Tim and Kathy Cummins near the top of the mountain. They were starting down and we were almost to the top. A perfect day for some exercise.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We had choir in Clarkston tonight. It was a good night. The kids are learning their music very well. Next week we will divide the group into 2 different choirs so that it can be more age appropriate.

Tonight we had the "Raising of Jairus Daughter" scene practice for the Atlanta Passion Play. It is fun watching the play come together scene by scene.
I didn't get to take any pictures today because the memory card was missing from the camera. Oh well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow, What a week. Mark and I were going to Chamblee together on Monday. I was getting ready to leave. He called when he was getting off from work and said he couldn't find his car keys. I had an extra set of keys but no car to get them to him. He got a co worker to drive him to Hannah's work to get the truck but Hannah was getting off so he had to wait to bring her home. Hannah and Mark then went to get the van. He never found the keys so we had to call and say we were not coming to the apartments, it was just too late by then to go.

Tuesday, I had all 4 children. Things were going fairly well. Leah and Deborah were at the table working on their school. I decided to clean out the pantry. I always stand on a 50 pound bucket when I get up in the top of the pantry. I had climbed up there when all of a sudden one of the toddlers decided it was time to run and give me a hug. Needless to say I fell off the bucket. I landed on my right shoulder. Thankfully I didn't land on the baby. My shoulder is quite bruised and I am aching all over from the fall. I am hoping today will turn out to be a wonderful day. We have children's choir at FBA and Atlanta Passion Play chorus practice tonight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today we had the baby shower for the expectant Mom I have been working with. Her baby is due in March. Rachel, Sarah, Leah, Deborah and I went to the church and set up. Mark went to Azalea Place. First he took some family pictures for a Bengali family. They want to send some photos home so we offered to take some pictures for them. Then he went to pick up the Mom. We had great fun and fellowship with all of our guests. She got some really nice things for her baby. It was wonderful that some of our Christian friends could participate in helping a new Mom get ready for this new little baby. As believers we are suppose to build each other up. What a great opportunity to share God's love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tonight we had choir at the mission in Clarkston. Mark, Leah, Deborah, and I actually listened to the children in groups of 3-4 to see their music level. I talked to them about choir. I would like to divide them up at least in to 2 groups by ages since we have children ages 6- 17. I was also able to start a role with each child's name, age, country, and native language or the language spoken at home. Tonight we had children from Congo, Sudan, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Somalia,
Burma, Haiti, and Mexico. We were missing a lot of kids tonight because there is no school tomorrow or Monday. We will have to audition the other children next week. I was so busy listening though that I forgot to take any pictures until the last group.
After the kids left, Bennett's brother was sweeping up the mission.

We left and flew over to church for Passion Play Practice. We were practicing the Ascension. We finished early so that was nice. I have a lot to do getting ready for a baby shower on Saturday so the next 2 days I will be very busy.